Like every team in the MLR, the Dallas Jackals are making plenty of moves in the offseason. Some players are re-signing for another year, others are leaving, and new players are coming in. For Dallas in particular, the chaotic roster problems of last season will mean a lot of turnover. Players who were on loan from other teams last year will return to those teams, and a large number of draft picks are coming in. This page will keep track of it all, and every player's current status as the announcements come out.

Note: Frequent starters in bold. Players arranged by position and minutes played. Last updated December 19, 2022.

Pos. Name Status Domestic
Loosehead Prop Ryan Bower No news
Liam Murray No news
Timmy Ohlwein No news
Hooker Matt Frings No news
Dewald Kotze No news
Augusto Böhme Loan expired
Brendan Rams No news
Todd Gleave Retired
Luke Rizzo No news
Ryheem Powell No news
Connor Robinson No news
Patrick Donovan Loan expired
Tomas Baravalle New signing
Joaquin Horcada New signing
Tighthead Prop Alex Tucci No news
Herman Agenbag No news
Tommy Madaras Leaving
Tayé Olagunju No news
Juan Pablo Zeiss New signing
Lock Bronson Teles No news
Charlie Hola No news
Jérémy Lenaerts No news
Campbell Robinson No news
Shawn Clark No news
Sam Phillips No news
Flanker Mike Matarazzo Leaving
Asa Carter No news
Moe Abdelmonem No news
Romain Gadeaux No news
Matthew Gash-Gilder No news
Calvin Gentry No news
Aaron Cummings No news
Charlie McKill Never joined
Ayemere Oiyemhonlan Released
Sam Golla Drafted
Nolan Buckley Drafted
Jerónimo Gómez Vara New signing
Eightman Conrado Roura No news
Adriaan Booysen No news
Jack Paloucek No news
Daryl Bagley No news
DeCor Davis No news
Scrumhalf Tom Brussati No news
Carlo de Nysschen Leaving
Dylan James No news
Kurtis Werner No news
Cian Barry No news
Danny Carlton Short-term deal expired
Carmen Consolino Released
Devereaux Ferris New signing
Pedro Imhoff New signing
Flyhalf Adriaan Carlse No news
Alejandro Torres No news
Nate Lyon No news
Martín Elías New signing
Matías Caramuti Drafted
Center Chad London No news
Campbell Johnstone No news
Henry Trinder No news
Ned Hodson No news
Lui Sitama No news
Makoto Noudéhou No news
Juan Pablo Aguirre No news
Veramu Dikidikilati No news
Oliver Feagin Left mid-season
Tomás Malanos New signing
Mazvita Nyamarebvu Drafted
Wing Eric Naposki No news
Cael Hodgson Leaving
Aaron Gray No news
Rodrick Waters No news
Kelly Kolberg No news
Christian Adams No news
Jalen Tatum No news
James Vaifale New signing
Tomás Malanos New signing
Ethan Hager Drafted
Kyle Fulton Drafted
Fullback Chris Pennell No news
Hayden Hill No news
Jason Tidwell Drafted
Marcos Moroni New signing

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